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In the past 3 years we have been aggressive in adding the best females we see.

Our ewe base consists of daughters of Cabaniss 444 and Cabaniss 440, which were the 1st bucks purchased from Cabaniss in 08 and 09. In addition to these ewes we've also purchased some of the best females in the country. Since 2008 we have acquired some of the best females from the Cabaniss flock. These ewes consist of mothers, sisters and full/half sisters to many bucks and champion wethers Cabaniss has produced.

In 2010 we also added 12 ewe lambs and 6 bred ewes from David Garrett, one of which produced our daughters Grand at Ak-Sar-Ben. Also that year we purchased 6 phenomenal ewe lambs from Tony Winfrey, one of which is a sister to Page Petzenhausers 3rd overall at the Iowa State Fair. This was a pair of sheep! We also purchased 3 bred ewes from Al & Kandy Schminke, one of which was the high seller.

In 2011 we again purchased the top ewe lambs at Winfrey's, a couple were many-time champions for our daughters on the jackpot circuit. We expect big-things from the Winfrey ewes in the next few years and thank Tony for the great opportunity. We also added another set of ewes from Garrett and Cabaniss. These include mothers of Houston and Denver champions. Thanks again to David and the Cabaniss family. We also have to thank Mike Stitzlein for selling us two ewe lambs, one (which we call "Miss Ohio") was our pick of the ewe lambs and many-time champion and "well known" on the jackpot circuit for Ellie, our youngest daughter. The other a twin sister to Mike's high-seller on his sale and eventual Louisville Grand Champion. Thank you Mike for parting with these females, we look forward to doing business in the future.



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